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All Natural Hair Care with Maple Holistics

All Natural Hair Care with Maple Holistics

If you know me you know that I'm a product junkie and love trying new products and brands. When Maple Holistics reached out to me about collaborating I was so excited, here was an opportunity to try a new brand/products AND they're an all natural company, cruelty free company based here in the US! Win-Win!

The older I get there more aware I have become about products that I'm putting on or in my body. I've slowly been "cleaning" up the products around our house and switching to natural, chemical free alternatives. Maple Holistics has one goal in mind: to provide a natural, holistic range of premium products which can enhance health, hygiene and daily living. 

I tried the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner and absolutely loved both products! One of the most common questions I receive is about hair care and especially what products do I use to keep my long hair healthy. Growing out your hair is no easy task and choosing the right products will play a big role in that. I can honestly say that even though I already had fairly healthy hair, I did see an improvement after using the Maple Holistics products! Instantly my hair felt SO clean! Like straight from the hairdresser clean, and we all know that's a good feeling! I do have very thin hair but a lot of it which has always tangled easily. Just ask my poor mom who used to have to brush my hair out as a child, post bath was always WWIII at our house.

The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo has been a life saver when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth. I tend to shed (A LOT) and sometimes I wonder how I have any hair left, but I've noticed a significant decrease in shedding since switching shampoos. The small list of only 7 natural ingredients will leave your hair and scalp feeling rejuvenated and fresh! When it comes to conditioner I tend to not apply to my scalp as most conditioners leave my hair feeling greasy or dirty. But the combination of natural ingredients in Silk18 help lock in moisture without that greasy feeling. They also help strengthen and tame frizzy hair which is especially helpful in the dry winter months. The combination of ingredients have truly been a life saver when it comes to my unmanageable hair, brushing it out post shower is so much easier!

Tea Tree Shampoo  here , Silk18 Conditioner  here

Tea Tree Shampoo here, Silk18 Conditioner here

All of their products are made in the USA, are all Natural, Cruelty Free (yay!), Sulfate Free and safe for color. Since I only trim/highlight my hair twice a year I need products that can strengthen, help repair damage and extend the life of my color treatment. 

Besides having a wide variety of hair care products, Maple Holistics also carries products for skin care, bath and body, personal care and even health foods. So if you've been looking to clean up your products head to Maple Holistics and check them out! They also have a wonderful free product program where you can try a free sample! Head here to order your FREE sample today!


I know you will love your products as much as I have. What Maple Holistic product are you excited to try? (comment below and let me know!)

xo, Lindsay

*Thank you Maple Holistics for sponsoring this post and for providing wonderful all natural products for everyone*

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